We Protect Our Future with Smart Green Production

We admit that sustainable values are an escrow as Tayra Textile.  We have production nature- friendly, our raw material choices and stage of the production with the aim of minimum waste.

Every product which selected in Tayra Textile

Minimum energy
Minimum source and raw material
Minimal environmental effects
Based on the minimum carbon footprint meticulously selected.

A Good Future and A Nature-Friendly Product

We aim for the logic of green products  and nature-friendly technologies in our facilities. We convert rainwater into sustainable values as garden irrigation and toilet bowl water with the water acquired by collecting it in our warehouses created in factory buildings.

We Take Our Energy From The Sun

Nowadays, the necessity for energy increases a little more every day, and with it, more productive use of energy resources and transfer to the future generations reveal the phrase of "sustainability".

With the increase of factories producing their own energy , Turkey has made a positive contribution to their own energy efficiency studies, improvement of environmental conditions and economy.

Under the name of Tayra Tekstil, we produce our own electricity with our solar power plants set up on a roof. With the energy generated from solar energy, 40% of the annual energy intake of our factory will be supplied from the solar power plant.

Environmental and Safe Production

"We believe in a fashion industry which values people, the environment and creativity equally."

In the Tayra textile production facilities;
completely free from child labor and forced labor,
We apply human resources policies that aimed at a safer and happier working environment for all colleagues..